Introducing the Pink Treble Booster!

Almost all tonal error is really treble muffled. The Pink Treble Booster gives you back the high end missing in your tone. From clean boost to raging overdrive, the Pink Treble Booster takes its cues from the Dallas Rangemaster, but it also has an expanded range control, allowing you to move from a traditional treble

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Shop closed – June 10-14

We’re going on vacation next week! While we’ll be available to answer emails, take orders, send invoices, etc., we obviously won’t be able to ship anything. Thanks for your understanding, and we’ll start crushing new orders when we’re back on June 17!

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2019 NAMM Show Releases

The Noseminster family is in Anaheim for the 2019 NAMM Show, and we’re STOKED to show you what’s new. Between version 2.0 releases and brand new models, we have a total of seven new pedals for NosePedal and Westminster Effects! We’ll edit this post as more demos are posted, so let’s get started. Edwards Overdrive

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