Pedal Tour

Sign up and try out our pedals when they arrive at your door step, for only the one time cost of shipping!

What is the Pedal Tour?
A tour of pedals! We literally put a few pedals in a box, ship them out on a tour, and you can be part of that tour! All you have to do is fill out the form, agree to the terms, pay a little for shipping, and we’ll put you on the tour schedule. The pedals will arrive at your doorstep for you to play with for a week! (approx. 5 days, allowing 2 days for shipping time) Then, you send them on to the next person on the tour.
What pedals will I get to try out?
We’re going to get multiple tours running so you can always sign up for one. Check out the pedal and tour schedules here. This is a joint brand tour with Westminster & NosePedal, so you’ll be getting a few different pedals to try out.
Ok sounds awesome, how does it work and how do I sign up?
1) Fill out the form. For your request to be reviewed, you must agree to the terms.
2) We will review your information (Facebook profile, profession, etc.) to make sure you’re a real person a good fit for the pedal tour. Sorry, we can’t send pedals to everyone and can only tour the pedal within the USA.
3) Once approved, we’ll send you a registration invoice for $15. The invoice fee is to validate you, your address, and cover cost of shipping. If you purchase a pedal while on the tour, you’ll get the $15 off your order. Just email us directly before you order and we’ll send you an order invoice.
4) That’s it. You’ll be put on the schedule that you can follow on our website. First ones to sign-up get the to play with the gear sooner!
5) Once you’ve had some fun with the pedals, we will send you a new shipping label that you must print out, put on the box, and ship to the next person on the tour schedule.
Terms & Conditions
1) By submitting this form I am agreeing to these terms and conditions of the pedal tour below.
2) I agree that my information is honest and correct.
3) I am willing to pay the fee for registration which covers cost of shipping.
4) I agree that once my scheduled tour time is up, I will send the pedals to the next person via provided shipping label.
5) I agree to be part of the scheduled tour information on the website by allowing the sharing of your name, Facebook page, city (no street address required), state, and a profile picture. (This helps us and others to keep up with the tour, as well as building community between musicians taking part in the tour).
6) IMPORTANT! When you open the box, you’ll find the pedals. But, you’ll also find something else. You’re agreeing to replace that “something else” with something of equal or greater value. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be a Tesla. It’ll be something small, cheap, and completely doable and replaceable. You’ll see 🙂