Frequently Asked Questions

Every NosePedal and Westminster Effects product is made by one guy out of his home office in Lyman, South Carolina.


We love custom builds and believe our prices and quality are among the best in the industry. If you want us to build a one­ off or have a unique need, click here to email us for a custom quote.

Our typical timeline for custom work and mods is approximately 2-4 weeks, though that may vary.


We’re only human, so we’re bound to screw up a pedal or two, but we also stand by our build quality. Due to the differences in the brands, every Westminster Effects pedal carries a limited lifetime warranty, so as long as this company exists, and every NosePedal product carries a one-year limited warranty.

If a product arrives DOA, we’ll refund your initial shipping charge to cover the cost of getting the pedal back to us so we can fix it.

Broken knobs, pots and jacks are not covered, because these aren’t meant to be stomped on via you jumping off your half stack. We will, however, repair these for a small, reasonable fee. Additionally, any attempted modification to the circuit will void the warranty, as will running any pedal at higher than recommended voltages.

If you need your pedal repaired, email


We typically don’t accept returns or trade-ins of our own products. Extenuating circumstances may rarely prompt it, but our goal is to fulfill every order in a timely manner and make sure everyone’s happy.

Note: Custom orders and trade-in orders are not eligible for refunds.


Every NosePedal and Westminster Effects product runs on a standard 2.1mm DC adapter with a negative ground. It seems industry standard to recommend an isolated power supply, and those are great, but you should be able to use these in non­isolated environments with minimal problems. Many pedals will also accept up to 18V, but check the specific product pages, because using power above the approved rating will both fry your pedal and void the warranty. Battery adapters are not provided nor available for any products.

International Orders

Yes, we will ship internationally. Please understand, however, that this junk takes a while to ship and can get caught up in customs, because governments.

Also, tariffs are legalized theft, but I can’t in good conscience claim something as half the item cost. I’ll be as generous as possible while rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s (even if he is a jerk).

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