This Is Who We Are

Every Westminster Effects and NosePedal product is made by one guy out of his home office in Lyman, South Carolina, located in the Upstate right between Greenville and Spartanburg.

The Noseminster family got its start when Aaron Tomberlin founded NosePedal in 2011 in order to meet the unique pedalboard needs of the modern guitarist. Cody Fields started Westminster Effects in 2015 with the aim of equipping worship guitarists. In 2017, the two merged into one umbrella company with multiple brands featuring their own strengths.

Both Nose and Westminster pedals are totally handmade. Nose’s focus is taking what already goes on at your feet when you’re playing guitar and making it an overall better experience. We accomplish this by 1) working with individual customers and building custom pedals, 2) providing a wide selection of utility or “add-on” pedals, 3) creating great mods, and 4) improving sound quality.

Westminster’s goal is to provide high quality guitar effects at reasonable prices for everyone, particularly the worship leading community. As the demands of worship music quality increase, so too does the need for gear that sounds uniquely awesome. We hope to adequately meet that need while making all of my pedals affordable to the average player, not just the guys who have the most amazing Instagram pedalboards.

You may have also noticed that I have a bent toward featuring theologians on my pedals, particularly ones who have been dead for a while. That’s because the Christian church’s history, particularly among the Reformed branches, is incredibly rich with some amazing characters. Everything aesthetic is intentional and every pedal name is planned with specific aspects in mind.