Need some guidance on how to use your Westminster Effects pedal? Find your pedal below and click the link for a digital manual.

DI Series
Geneva Amp Sim V2
Wittenberg Bass Preamp
Zurich Preamp

Delay and Reverb
Chalcedonian Dual Reverb
Nicene Reverb
Spurgeon Hall Reverb

Overdrive and Distortion
1689 V2
Edwards Overdrive V2
Knox V2
Osteen Distortion V2
The Physician
Piper Drive V2
The Puritan
Dualee Dual Overdrive V2
E89 Dual Overdrive V2

Preamp and Boost
Augustine Clean Boost
Calvin Compressor V2
Pink Treble Booster
Zwingli SDD-3K Preamp

Wycliffe Fuzz

Chrysostom Chorus/Vibrato
Luther Tap Tremolo V2