2019 NAMM Show Releases

The Noseminster family is in Anaheim for the 2019 NAMM Show, and we’re STOKED to show you what’s new. Between version 2.0 releases and brand new models, we have a total of seven new pedals for NosePedal and Westminster Effects! We’ll edit this post as more demos are posted, so let’s get started.

Edwards Overdrive V2 – Totally reimagined circuit, while still remaining true to the classic Bluesbreaker vibes of the V1 Edwards. We’ve added a Presence cut knob to increase the versatility even more.

1689 Overdrive V2 – We guess the V2 makes it closer to the true 1689. This also has a totally reimagined TS style circuit, now complete with a clean blend!

Dualee Overdrive V2 and E89 Dual Drive V2 – The Dualee gives you “kingly” tone with dual Edwards Overdrive V2 circuits, while the E89 combines both the Edwards Overdrive V2 and 1689 V2 for a pedal that really gives you “both barrels.”

The Puritan – Imagine cranking an AC style amp, throwing a treble booster in front of it, and shrinking it down into a box. The Puritan is great for lead lines or as a second or third stage, nontransparent overdrive. 

Piper Drive V2 – The Piper Drive V2 features a totally revamped circuit for greater clarity, more sparkle when you want it, and a greater gain range – including some glitched out tones when maxed out.

EZ-Pre-Z – For guys who just want a touch more, whether for thin sounding guitars, effects loops that lose a little something, and when a buffer just won’t cut it, enter the EZ-Pre-Z. It’s a tiny 2-inch-by-2-inch, always-on preamp/boost that fattens your tone with about 4db of extra push. Place anywhere in your chain, but it sounds especially awesome in front. Simple. EZ-Pre-Z. 

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